Best places to share a kiss in Helsinki?

A Helsinki Sunday supplement, called NYT (Now) has today a feature on the best places to have a kiss in the city. In their opinion the five most romantic places are:

The Ferris Wheel at Linnanmäki amusement park - but only after it's dark and only when you're right at the top.

Munkkiniemi Beach…in the car!?

Seurasaari Bridge. This is a pedestrian bridge which crosses from pretty Tamminiemi, where the President has his residence, to a conservation area, the island of Seurasaari. It's a pretty wooden bridge, where Kaisa and Peter also shared a kiss or two.

The Helsinki train station. Obviously.

Picture by City of Helsinki
The Number 3 Tram. Trams are always romantic, and this one is of the old-fashioned model, which travels all around the city from the South Harbour and the Market Square, via Mannerheim Street and the Opera House, Finlandia House in Töölö back down via the Western side, past the Railway Station and up and down the hilly part of Helsinki, Ullanlinna.

Sadly the NYT magazine left out the place where Kaisa and The Englishman shared their most passionate kisses, by the Statue of Eino Leino in the Esplanade Park. Obviously in my opinion this has to be the place to have a romantic rendezvous in Helsinki...

It became embarrassing to stay inside the restaurant without ordering more food or drink, so they got up and once again braved the cold weather in Esplanade Park. At least it had stopped snowing. They sheltered from the chill wind by the statue of Eino Leino, the Finnish poet. Kaisa tried to remember some of his romantic works, but all she could recall was a verse from a poem about old age that she had to study at school, ‘Haihtuvi nuoruus niinkuin vierivä virta’. Kaisa translated for the Englishman, ‘Youth disappears as fast as a river flows.’ She looked up at the imposing figure, with its heavy cape, and wondered if the great man was trying to tell her something. The park was deserted and they were standing in the shadow of the statue. Kaisa was sure no one would be able to see them, and relaxed a little.
‘You’re lovely,’ the Englishman said, and he took Kaisa into his embrace. She forgot all about the poem, or being cold, or her boyfriend’s family. She felt safe in the Englishman’s arms. Peter took Kaisa’s face between his hands and kissed her.

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libby said...

Kissing...aah...the best thing ever, and often overlooked in fiction, as just the start of a random sex scene....kissing is its own wonderful experience and years ago those old Hollywood movies knew that.